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What is Jobs4mzansi?

Jobs4mzansi is South Africa's #1 skills-based marketplace. From students to professional freelancers, we make it possible for everyone to share their skills and offer their services. Whatever you need - there is a service for it on Jobs4mzansi!

Available Services

Who uses Jobs4mzansi?
  • Students & unemployed graduates

    Students & unemployed graduates use Jobs4mzansi to gain practical work experience while simultaneously earning an income in their free time.

  • Freelancers & moonlighters

    Professional freelancers use Jobs4mzansi to advertise their services. Moonlighters use us as a side hustle to supplement their monthly income.

  • Startups & small businesses

    Startups & small businesses on a tight budget use Jobs4mzansi to start and grow their businesses by outsourcing services at competitive prices.

How does Jobs4mzansi work?
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  • Here to sell?

    Simply click on 'Sell a Service' to offer your skills. You will be notified via email when you receive an order or a message from a client. Your payment will be transferred to you via EFT upon order completion.

  • Here to buy?

    Simply click on 'Order Now' & process your EFT payment to Jobs4mzansi's Capitec Bank account. Your chosen service provider will then start working on your order & will only be paid when they successfully deliver your order.

  • 100% money-back guarantee

    If you're happy with your order, rate your service provider & write a glowing review. Should your service provider fail to deliver on time or as promised, Jobs4mzansi will issue a 100% refund.

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