Hey There! Do you want to learn how to make beats or just need to get the hang of Fl Studios ?

well for the price of R250 I will make a video for you covering everything you want me to cover  about fl studios or music production. 

how does it work ?

you will send me a message, telling me what you want to know and I will explain what I need to via a video and will email it to you.

once you are satisfied that I have covered everything you needed me to, service is completed. if I have missed out anything I will make another short video covering it and will send it to you once you are happy service will be completed

in addition to this service I will be doing some beat making as well, along with taglines. prices will be 

R180 for Beat

R60 for taglines

Samples of unmixed beat will be given to fit your song

if happy with the feel of the beat service will be complete and I will send it to you

footnote. In order for me to create your own beat I need a copy of your song lyrics and the emotion or vibe you’re looking for