Proofreading / Editing: Students (dissertations/theses), website copy, blog posts, posts for any social media such as Facebook or Twitter, reports, letters, interviews, manuscripts, books, magazines, articles, minutes of meetings, any other written material

I offer impartial assessments on your writing – poetry, manuscripts, business copy, etc.

I have worked for poets, magazine editorial teams, media companies, fire forensics teams, journalists, research companies, recruitment companies, students and other private individuals

Transcribing disciplinary inquiries.

Transcribing meetings and conferences like AGMs and corporate conferences,

Working with forensic teams and other professionals who record their material and don’t have time to type it themselves.

Transcribing reports

Assisting with document preparation

Other forms of transcription and typing – contact me to discuss your needs.

I prepare transcriptions for companies who specialise in recording offering a one stop solution.

Working with students.

Because it is virtual I can offer services internationally including England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, America, South Africa and all of Europe.

I have done transcription for government entities including:


Preparing tender documents


I am passionate about my work and my all round experience will be very beneficial to your business.