AMF Typing Services (celebrating our 19th year in business) can offer you the following services: 

  • Typing Services: typing of manuals, course content, tenders, agreements, reports, development/business/strategy plans, contracts, company documentation, copy typing, EBooks, manuscripts, all types of typing, etc. Graphics, graphs, flow diagrams, spreadsheets, company structure diagrams, charts, maths equations, and diagrams, etc. PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Typing of Religious and Historic Documents: Church History, historical documents, ancient documents, reports, books, etc.
  • Document formatting: formatting of documents, manuscripts, table of content, automatic page numbering, section breaks, columns, etc. Articles, contracts, etc into styles, APA, Harvard, layout, styles, etc.
  • Students Assistance: Transcription, Typing, Thesis Formatting and Internet Research
    From 1st year to Masters, Ph.D., assignments, dissertations, thesis, etc. (following Harvard Business, Academic Writing, APA, University/Professor methods and procedures). We can research journal articles etc., for your Ph.D., Masters, etc., for the subject of your choice using Google A scholar making notes of the cites/references required. If you have transcribed your research and need assistance to transcribe it, contact us. Once you have typed up your assignment etc., you will need it formatted to the professor or university guidelines, we can do this for you, saving you time doing it. Masters and Ph.D. Students, we can assist you with formatting your articles for publication in Journals, etc.
    We can assist you with checking Academic Documents In-text References to make sure they are included in the bibliography or list of references.
    We can assist you with the Article Publication Procedures.
  • Transcription/Dictation: Services – General, Legal, and Medical. Contact Gayner Paynter